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Who we are

Bardic is a media production company founded after its first podcast, Myths and Legends®, began in 2015. We grew again in 2016 with the launch of Who We Are, a short-run audio documentary series on humans and things we do. Our most recent addition was Fictional in 2017, a Myths and Legends spin-off featuring classic literature with a modern tone.

Myths and Legends

Think tales from old literature are old and stuffy? Don’t have the patience to read pages and pages of text? Be surprised, learn something new, and enjoy folklore as true to the original stories as possible but in a completely new way. It’s stories of the past adapted for today’s podcast audience, all laced with humor, wit, and the unexpected.

Who We Are

Who We Are is a short-run audio documentary series about humans and things we do. These are real stories from everyday people with extraordinary lives. The series began as ‘Career Day’ and morphed into deeper stories of people around the world.


Fictional is the sister-podcast to Myths and Legends. It’s that same storytelling style you’re used to…set in the world of classic literature. From Sherlock and Dante’s Inferno to The Time Machine, The Monkey’s Paw, and so much more, this is the podcast for book-lovers and anyone interested in a good story.

New Projects

Big things are in the works. Stay tuned!

Numbers Don’t Lie

People love a good story, but more importantly, people love a story well told. Check out how much planet Earth loves Bardic-produced podcasts:

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The People

Carissa Weiser
Carissa WeiserCofounder
Carissa joined as producer and editor for Myths and Legends® in 2017 before taking over daily operation of the business. She also hosted our short-run audio-documentary series, Who We Are, and is co-writer for Fictional. As a former audiology professor, her background includes acoustics, speech perception, and digital sound. In her spare time, she likes to walk her dogs, dabble in photography, and cook.
Jason Weiser
Jason WeiserCofounder
Jason started Myths and Legends® in 2015 using the backseat of his car for quiet recording space. It started as a simple hobby. As it took off, however, he was able to move indoors and put that English literature degree to good use. His background is in narrative theory, English composition, and literary analysis. He is also co-creator, senior writer, and host of Fictional. In his spare time, he enjoys hiking, drawing, and making his signature pizza.

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